- John Turner -

Texas values.
Common-sense leadership.

Dear friends and neighbors,

I’m running for State Representative as a Democrat in Texas House District 114, my home district in North Dallas. Let me tell you why I’ve decided to run for office at this important time.

The 2016 national election and its aftermath have challenged our democracy. In 2018, it’s time to recover.

In the upcoming election cycle, we need to reaffirm some core American principles: that truth matters, that the rule of law is more important than political advantage, and that being civil shows strength, not weakness. We need to make policy based on what is right for our state and country, not what plays well in a sound bite or a tweet. 

In short, we need to rededicate ourselves to good government at every level. That includes the Texas Legislature.

What happens in the Texas Legislature affects what kind of state we are today and what kind of state we will be 30 years from now. Will Texas public schools and colleges set the standard for the rest of the world, or will we be content to let them barely get by? Will we build the infrastructure we need to grow our economy and compete in the future? Will we stem the plagues of violent crime and illegal drugs?

Will we make access to good health care the priority it deserves to be? Will we protect Texas's natural environment and do our part to protect the planet? And will we be a generous and tolerant people or a society consumed by our fears and divisions?

Texas can do better than our Legislature has done in the 2017 session. We can do better by working together to find common-sense solutions to our problems and by re-focusing on priorities that matter in the everyday lives of Texans.

If elected, I will work for an economically stronger Texas, a safer Texas, a cleaner Texas, a healthier Texas, and a more united Texas.

Please come back to this webpage in the coming weeks to learn more about a shared vision for our state. I hope you’ll support this campaign!

John Turner